Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beautiful Day

Today is a beautiful day.

Ben was up early because he peed through his diaper and onto his jammies.  So when I was up with him well before I wanted to be, I watched his smile and listed to him babble and smelled his sweet baby breath, and I thought to myself, "Today is a beautiful day." 

I have a great marriage.  I know a lot of people say that they married their best friend, but in my case it's true.  We laugh...a lot.  We do silly things to try to make the other one laugh.  Dave hikes his basketball shorts up to his armpits and walks around the house that way because he knows it makes me giggle.  I bust-out in random awkward dance moves because I know he thinks it's funny.  We like spending time together.  We go to bed early so we can face each other in bed and talk about our dreams, our fears, what we hope to do in life.  I knew Dave was "the one" long before he did, and I patiently waited an entire year for him to realize what I had known from the start.  He's the jelly to my peanut butter. 

Today is a beautiful day.

I have great girlfriends.  I have girlfriends that love me no matter what kind of crazy mood I am in.  They have loved me at my best and have supported me through my worst.  They have seen me through various hairstyles (and color changes).  They have seen me through my share of bad decisions.  They have seen me through some of my life's happiest milestones.  We have taken road trips, planned adventures, reveled in girls' days.  We have enjoyed cocktails and fried food and countless e-mails back and forth, and not an hour goes by that I don't wonder why I have been so blessed to win the friend lottery day after day.  I have several friend groups and I would not pick one over the other.  They are all my BFFs, my soul-sisters.  They are the olives to my martini.

Dave slept in and Ben took a long morning nap, and I drank my coffee and listened to the sounds of summer outside my window.  Birds chirping, insects buzzing, kids playing.  Heaven.  Now the little one is up and playing with his daddy and I am looking at my two boys, one big and one little, wondering how I got this lucky.  They are the pieces of my heart that are not contained within my body, and I love them with a ferocity I didn't know existed.  

The sun is shining today and I am soaking up the yumminess of another weekend with my family.  I will not mar this precious time by finding things to complain about.  Instead, I will smile at my amazing life and be grateful for all that is good which has been given to me.  

Today is a beautiful day.

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