Friday, March 9, 2012

A Spring Fling

This time of year always gets me.  It happened the other day as I was darting around Target.  I went in for a solitary bottle of vitamins, and I came out with a jumbo bag of plastic Easter eggs.  And some festive Easter sprinkles for the truly scrumptious cut-out cookies that I envision myself baking.  And a bag of miniature chocolate Easter eggs.  (Ok, two bags.)

By the time March rolls around, I am beyond exhausted with Buffalo's gray uni-cloud haze and the dirty streets that have the ashen look of too many rock-salted mornings.  The grass has that depressing appearance of having been smooshed down by months of cold and snow, and there are flooded pockets and muddy patches that dot my lawn in what can best be described as "winter yard acne".  March is here, and I am ready to turn my face toward the sun and welcome the first little inklings of spring.  I've noticed the happy twittering of birds in the morning and the daylight hanging on just a little later in the evening, like a party guest who can't quite call it a night because she wants to enjoy one last cocktail while making witty conversation with the very debonair bartender.  This time of year makes me feel like I can breathe again.  

I feel renewed hope about what this year can reveal to me.  I would like to read more, write more, watch less crappy television, spend more time watching my baby discover his world.  Ah, my baby.  He is growing and learning constantly.  He is coming into his own personality, and it makes me laugh when I think about how stubborn and definitive he is.  Where did he come from?  With this spring season I am reminded of where I was last spring, when Benjamin was in my belly and I was literally blossoming with mama love and joy.  Now he is fully integrated into our family, and I am excited about watching him take his first steps on the grass that will soon be fluffed up and greened by the sun's warm love.  I'm excited to see the sunlight shine through his wispy blonde hair, and I'm excited to nuzzle up against his soft face smelling of the outdoors mixed with his sweet baby boy scent.  Spring is indeed waking up and stretching her arms up over her head, and I am oh so happy to see her once again.